What kind of email address does Dropcontact provide?

Dropcontact exclusively provides 100% business nominative email addresses. đŸ’Œ

Dropcontact does not provide personal email addresses: @gmail.com, @yahoo.fr, @wanadoo.fr, etc., nor generic email addresses such as contact@company...

Dropcontact is one of the best solutions for professionals, as it enriches in real-time without the problem of data obsolescence.

Dropcontact is not an optimal solution for the enrichment of contact-oriented email addresses such as: shopkeeper (railway station hotel..), craftsman (plumber..), liberal profession (doctor...), etc.

Their names are generally not discriminating enough and are often personal email addresses (gmail, hotmail, etc.).

What is the average enrichment rate?

Dropcontact now finds between 50 and 80% of verified business email addresses. đŸ”„

To obtain them, only three pieces of information are needed: name + first name + company website. Otherwise, it is possible to add the company name, but there might be fewer results.

Optimizing results

Increase the enrichment rate by 10-20% of verified email addresses by adding the company's website, which allows the algorithm to identify the right company, and therefore the right email 😉.

💡Emails already in your file or CRM are all checked. When the email is valid, Dropcontact qualifies it to give you more information (nominative@pro, generic@pro, nominative@perso, catch-all@pro).

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