Does Dropcontact modify my CRM during the free test?

Yes, Dropcontact will create fields that may not yet appear in your CRM. These fields will be inserted into those already present.

This is why we prefer to work on a sandbox (for Salesforce) and to warn all users (for Pipedrive and HubSpot) before launching the test, so that they are warned 😉.

The information update is then active for 14 days. This means that Dropcontact will work on the existing contact sheets as well as those that you may create (and whose first name starts with A, B, C or D, of course).

After 14 days, a subscription is offered to you 🎁.

You can, at any time during the test, return to the previous version of your CRM, by restoring the backup with the "Cancel Test" button, located in your account.

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