Does Dropcontact enrich French and foreign companies in the same way?

In addition to finding professional nominative email addresses, checking email addresses, and deduplicating, Dropcontact enriches your contact files.

🇫🇷 Companies with headquarters in France

For companies that have a SIREN number, Dropcontact adds the SIRET number, VAT number, salary bracket and sector of activity, NAF code, postal address of the head office, last declared turnover.

🌍 Companies whose registered office is outside France

For the time being, Dropcontact enriches the website and the LinkedIn profile of the company (this last information only with the CRM subscription).

For ALL businesses

For all companies, Dropcontact ensures the enrichment of the following fields:

  • The civility is added, the first name is corrected (capital letters, special characters...): you can thus hyper-custom your emails.
  • Adding LinkedIn profile links and company websites (when not initially provided)
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