How is Dropcontact deployed in my CRM?

The connection of Dropcontact to your CRM is done in one click, without any technical intervention on your part. 

When you launch the test, Dropcontact asks you to enter the API key provided by your CRM and the connection is established on its own.

  • First of all, all employees using your Pipedrive must be informed that you are launching the integration of Dropcontact. Indeed, new fields are created (LinkedIn, Siren, Number of Employees...). The goal is to make them join the project beforehand 😉  

  • Then, you need to have the administrator rights of the CRM (or that the person who is going to launch the test with their Dropcontact account has the administrator rights).  
  • Then it's very simple, just click on the "14-day test" button in the Dropcontact app according to your CRM. Dropcontact will go through the contact records with first names starting with A, B, C or D, (it takes more or less time depending on the number of contacts in your CRM).  
  • Once this first process has been completed, you will receive an email with a summary of the processes that have been carried out. From that moment on Dropcontact is activated in your CRM. You can add contacts and those whose first name initial is A, B, C, or D are processed (the test is for 14 days).

Would you like to continue with Dropcontact after the 14-day test? The processing of all your existing files will start automatically. You're all set 😎

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