What is the average email enrichment rate?

Dropcontact has a totally unique approach to B2B email address enrichment.

Unlike other solutions on the market, we do not have a database of email addresses for 3 reasons:

  • Overall, people are staying in a company for shorter and shorter periods of time, and this trend is accelerating. The consequence is that in a single year more than 30% of data becomes totally obsolete. 
  • In 2020, there are very few publicly accessible email addresses on the Internet. It "seems" 😉donc that a certain number of service providers obtain data (sometimes including personal telephone numbers...) from hackers. Doesn't a luxury product put on the market at a derisory price seems "strange" to you? Well, it's the same thing!
  • Since the entry into force of the law GDPR, it is strictly forbidden to resell personal information stored in a database, except in the case of the explicit agreement of each individual, authorizing the sale of his personal data.

Dropcontact has developed its own algorithms and test servers that generate verified personal email addresses on demand. This unique approach makes Dropcontact a 100% GDPR compliant solution.

The execution of the Dropcontact algorithm, in real-time, therefore, can sometimes take a little time (a few tens of seconds at most), be patient 🤗

The average email address enrichment rate is between 60 and 70%.

How to optimize email search?

To find and enrich an email address, the algorithms only need 3 pieces of information:

  • first name
  • name
  • company's website, or failing that, the name of the company

Why is it better to have a website? 

To find an email address, the first step is to collect the company's website to get the domain (@dropcontact.io).

Let's take a concrete example: the search for Sophie Dessman's email address at Welcome To The Jungle

  • Dropcontact will search the Welcome To The Jungle website,
  • this name being sufficiently discriminating Dropcontact will correctly find the site welcometothejungle.com and will correctly find its email address. 

On the other hand, if we look for Sophie Dessman's email address in an ABC company, 

  • Dropcontact will search the ABC website,
  • As this name is not sufficiently discriminating, Dropcontact could find abc.com when it was perhaps abc.io or a-b-c.fr which could also exist.

In case you do not have the company's website, do not waste time doing it by hand: Dropcontact will take care of it 🤗.

If your contacts come from LinkedIn (the most up-to-date professional contact database on the market), we strongly recommend that you retrieve the company's website when scrapping for much better results.💥

How to scramble effectively?

👀 You will find in this article some solutions to find the first name, last name, and website of the prospects you are targeting, and that Dropcontact will be able to enrich.

Dropcontact is not adapted to all problems and all sectors of activity.

Dropcontact never provides and will never provide B2C data; and this is for ethical and GDPR.

If you are targeting craftsmen, tradesmen, liberal professions, hospitals, or public sector companies, Dropcontact assumes that it will not be able to return a significant amount of information to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at support@dropcontact.io 💚.

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