How does Dropcontact modify my file?

Whether you drop a file or have connected it to your CRM, Dropcontact makes the same changes. 🧽

See a result file in this video 👇

What does Dropcontact add or modify?

Email address enrichment

On all contact records with First Name, Last Name, and Company Name we add the business email address in 50-80% of cases. 💡Improve these results by 10-20% by adding the company website.

Email address verification

All email addresses (personal + business) are verified with our own algorithm.

👉 If you fill in email addresses and they are invalid, Dropcontact moves them to the "Note" field and searches for new valid email addresses to be placed in the "Email" column.

👉 If the email address is found directly by Dropcontact, it is tested and qualified then placed in the "Email" column.

Email qualification

In addition to being verified, all email addresses are qualified by Dropcontact with the following categories: Generic (sales@), nominative (denis.cohen@), personal (, Jetabl, Pro (@entreprise), etc...

First and Last name correction

Your contact's first name is corrected and normalized, Dropcontact adds capital letters and special characters too.

Addition of civility

The civility of your contacts is added, which allows you to finally use the functions of emailing solutions to correctly tune your messages 😉

Adding LinkedIn Profile URLs

This (paid) option allows you to retrieve the URLs of your contacts' LinkedIn profiles, but also the URLs of their companies' LinkedIn pages.

Adding the business phone number

Dropcontact enriches the phone number of companies.

In accordance with the GDPR, Dropcontact only provides business phone numbers and does not provide private phone numbers. ⛔️

We provide public business numbers, or from websites.

Addition of legal information

For French companies 🇫🇷 Dropcontact identifies and adds the Siren and Siret numbers, the NAF code, the VAT number, the telephone number, the salary bracket and the sector of activity.

Change of company

When your contact is no longer part of the company you provided, Dropcontact informs you and enriches the person with their new company. 😎

Here is an example of the result 👇

Dropcontact enrichment file

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