What is the email qualification?

Beyond the enrichment of your data, Dropcontact is an email address verification solution. Each email address provided is verified and qualified.
Discover in this video all about the email qualification 👇
All emails are composed of an address and a domain.

Dropcontact email verification

The domain

It represents the nature of the email address it can be :
  • Professional and therefore associated with a company website 👉 for example ikea.com
  • Private and therefore associated with personal email boxes like 👉 gmail.fr, hotmail.fr, yahoo.fr...
  • Invalid or false and not existing 👉 for example fakedomaine.com

The address

This is the identity of your contact it can be of several natures :

  • Nominative: the address is associated with a person 👉 ex: mathieu.bernard@
  • Catch-all: the domain is set in a way that makes the email address unverifiable. More info here
  • no_validated: email address present in your CRM, unverifiable at the moment
  • Generic: These addresses are based on roles or functions like 👉 admin@, support@, contact@... 
  • Aleatory/disposable: these addresses are fake or used as tests, they are neither associated with a person nor with a company.
  • Invalid: these addresses do not exist.  

The different possible qualifications

Dropcontact email qualification

Example and color code

To allow you to visualize the qualification of your file at a glance, the email addresses found and corrected are also color-coded.

Different Email qualifications

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