How to clear your cache when there was an update ?

To improve your browsing experience, your browser stores a certain number of elements on your computer (images, style, colors...). When updating a site, you may encounter some design "discrepancies"... It's because of the cache. 

It is therefore important to empty its cache when the visual of the application is no longer consistent.

On Chrome

3 keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly clear your browser cache

  • Ctrl + Shift + R if you are on Windows 
  • ⌘ + Shift + R if you are on Safari
  • Hold the Shift key while clicking on the "Refresh" button of your browser

On Safari

3 ways to clear your browser's cache

  • Click on "Empty Cache" in the Safari drop-down menu;
  • If you have enabled the "Development" option in Safari's preferences, click on "Development" > "Empty Caches" ;
  • Use the keyboard shortcut: command + option + E.

On Firefox

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5 or Shift + Ctrl+R if you are on Windows ;
  • ⌘ + Shift + R if you are on Safari ;
  • Hold down the Shift key by clicking the "Refresh" button on your browser if you are on Windows or Safari.

On Edge

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5;
  • Click on " Refresh " by pressing the Ctrl key on your browser.

On Internet explorer

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5;
  • Click on the " Refresh " button while holding down the Ctrl key;
  • Use the keyboard shortcut alt + X.
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