How to scrape LinkedIn with lemlist?

Dropcontact is natively integrated into the lemlist cold email solution. 

Via the lemlist Chrome extension, you can automatically scrape a LinkedIn profile and import it into a campaign, thanks to the verified email address added by Dropcontact. 
💡Scrapping a LinkedIn profile means exporting all the data from its profile into a CSV file, or here directly into lemlist. Each piece of data can become a relevant variable to create segments and customize your campaigns. 

Connect Dropcontact to lemlist 🔌

In the lemlist app Settings, go to the > Integrations section. 

Copy your Dropcontact API key available here and paste it into the Dropcontact section of lemlist integrations. 

Check Linkedin and Dropcontact scans

In the campaign options, make sure you have checked ✔️LinkedIn and ✔️ Dropcontact in the > Settings section before importing the leads. 
⚠️ If these options are not selected before importing, enrichment will not be able to be performed. 

The LinkedIn scan will extract information from the LinkedIn profile, including the 3 pieces of information Dropcontact needs to enrich the contact: the person's first name, last name, and company website.

Use the lemlist extension to import the contact into lemlist

Back on LinkedIn, simply click on the extension to import any contact into a prospecting campaign 🔥

lemlist Dropcontact integration

👉🏼 Learn more about Dropcontact x lemlist integration

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