How does the subscription work?

There are two different kinds of subscriptions to Dropcontact:

👉 CRM subscription

👉 File and API subscription

1. How the CRM subscription works

Dropcontact has a native integration in Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce. It then connects directly to your CRM and automatically processes all your contacts and organizations. Dropcontact enriches, cleans, and merges duplicates of your contacts and companies. But it also keeps all the data in your CRM up to date, throughout their life. 

Book an appointment with our Sales team to learn more and start a free 14-day trial in your CRM. 🚀

2. How the File and API subscription works

With this subscription, you get a credit quota to enrich your contacts in a file or with the API.  
🤖 1 credit = 1 request to our algorithm / 1 contact line processed.
You can choose the yearly plan with which you directly have the quota of credits for 12 months. 
Or the monthly plan, with which you have a monthly quota of credits adjustable according to your needs.
2 options are available: 
  • Credit carry-over: Accumulate your unused credits from one month to the next for any active paid subscription.
  • LinkedIn enrichment: Add LinkedIn urls of your contacts, enrichment of the profession, cleaning of the profession, full enrichment from LinkedIn urls 
Find your credit balance, current plan, and renewal date on the left of your dashboard :

Dropcontact subscription dashboard

It is possible to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription according to your needs.
💡An upgrade is effective immediately so you can benefit from your credits. A downgrade is effective at your next monthly due date.
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