What information I need to find an email address?

Dropcontact works only with real-time algorithms and does not have a personal database. 

There are several ways to find a B2B email address with Dropcontact to fit all your prospecting campaigns 🔥 :

  • With just a company website + first name + last name(15% to 20% more efficient)
  • With just a company name + first name + last name
  • With just the LinkedIn profile link (no SalesNavigator link)
  • With just the website or the name of a company, to get the legal representative

1. The best enrichment: name + first name + website

Improve email address enrichment by 15-20% by adding the website of your contacts 🚀 the BEST email address enrichment rate will always be the one with name + first name + website.

Email Enrichment Dropcontact

The domain name of the website helps the tool to identify the right company and therefore the right email. Otherwise, it is possible to enter the company name, but depending on your target, this may create a discrepancy in the results.

Here is a concrete example:

Searching for Sophie Dessman's email address at Welcome to the jungle :

  • Dropcontact will search the Welcome To The Jungle website,
  • this name being sufficiently discriminating Dropcontact will correctly find the site welcometothejungle.com and will correctly find its email address.

However, if you are looking for Sophie Dessman's email address in an ABC company,

  • Dropcontact will search the ABC website,
  • this name not being sufficiently discriminating, Dropcontact could find abc.com when it was perhaps abc.io or a-b-c.fr which could also exist.

To optimize your enrichment results, you should therefore add the website as much as possible.

If your data source is LinkedIn and you are using a scraping tool 👉 all of these tools extract the website when scraping the LinkedIn profile information.

2. Find an email with a first and last name and a company

To search for an email address, Dropcontact needs three pieces of information:

Find an email with Dropcontact

  • Your contact's first name
  • The last name of your contact
  • The name of the company in which they work

It is from these three elements that the algorithms will search and enrich the email addresses of your prospects.

3. Find an email with a LinkedIn profile

It is also possible to enrich your contacts by adding the URL of your contact's LinkedIn profile.

To do this, simply drop your LinkedIn URL file onto the application, making sure there is a header for the column to be recognized. 

Find an Email from LinkedIn

💡Be sure to fill in classic LinkedIn URLs like this one: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cohendenis/ for the enrichment to work. In case you have a Sales Navigator search url like this one: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ACwAAAWOreABD-8O5fF0FQPHg6xPMH8gGqvLidM/  👉🏼 follow this tutorial to convert them.

4. Find the email of the legal representative from a company

With only a website or a company name, Dropcontact is able to search for its legal representative and to enrich its data including its email address. This feature is only available for French companies 🇫🇷 for the moment. If you want to find the email of a particular contact, you will have to add his first and last name.

Enrich from website

Enrich from company name

Enrich from a SIRET

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