How to find emails with Phantombuster?

When Dropcontact is integrated into Phantombuster, it allows you to enrich directly your leads in Phantombuster without exporting your file and dropping it on Dropcontact's application. You can follow this tuto step by step to find email addresses with Phantombuster 👇

💡You can start from your Sales Navigator targeted search to find your prospect list. 

Extract your Sales Navigator search

First, to get a CSV file containing all the profiles in your search, you need to use the phantom Sales Navigator Search Export. Phantombuster will ask you to copy and paste the search URL (the one from the browser) into the phantom. 

The data we are interested in here is the retrieval of the LinkedIn URLs of the profiles in the search that will lead to the second phantom.

Get the company's domain name

This second step is essential. The website domain name allows Dropcontact algorithms to increase the rate of found emails by 10-20% 🔥

If your data source is LinkedIn, it is possible to retrieve the company's website when extracting data from LinkedIn profiles. 

To do this, you can use a second phantom: the Sales Navigator Profile Scraper, which allows you to extract the website at the time of extracting the profile data 👉 by checking the Extract the profile's company website option. 

💡This phantom needs as input data the LinkedIn URLs of the profiles retrieved with the first phantom.

Find emails with Dropcontact and Phantombuster

Dropcontact is directly integrated into the second phantom so that the file obtained from Phantombuster is already enriched with information. Just choose Dropcontact as "Email Discovery Service" in the phantom and add your Dropcontact API key available here
You get a file which directly usable for email prospecting from Phantombuster 💥
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